Workmanship, Labor and Parts Warranty

1. What is Your Warranty on Workmanship? Is it really a Lifetime Warranty?

We are confident that our work will last a lifetime. Most modern HVAC work will, if installed correctly. If we do not install it correctly, we want to fix it for free.

2. What is Your Warranty on Parts and Labor?

We warranty every part we supply through the manufacturer. If it goes bad in the first year, we will supply the part and replace it for free. If it goes bad anytime after a year we will honor the remainder of the manufacturers warranty at no charge, but you have to pay for the installation. See manufacturers warranty for limitations or restrictions. Parts warranties vary from 6 months to 20 years.

3. How Can You Offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty When Other Companies Only Offer a Year?

When we are hired to perform a repair, service or installation, we are being trusted to do the proper job as per manufacturers specs as well as local mechanical codes. This means we have few callbacks. If at anytime our workmanship causes a failure, or improper workmanship is detected, we will correct it immediately at no charge to the homeowner.

5. How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?

Call us at (678)-935-0505

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