Equipment Installations

Why are JF Maxwell equipment installations above the rest?

equipment-1The most important task is finding an HVAC contractor that is fully licensed by the state and caries liability insurance. Be confident that your equipment/investment will be properly installed before signing on the dotted line. CODE violations are usually found out years after the system is installed.

What is the Workmanship Warranty from JF Maxwell?

Trusting the wrong company can cause you years of headache and frustration. You may be asking yourself, “How do I know if the system is being correctly installed?”

JF Maxwell Company offers a LIFETIME workmanship warranty. If the repair, service or installation is not done properly or to the local or international mechanical code, we will repair the system immediately at no charge to the homeowner.

What is the JF Maxwell Labor and Parts Warranty on newly installed equipment?

equipment-2Trane offers a residential warranty on all new equipment once it is registered. Ten(10) years on the parts as well as a twenty(20) year warranty on a furnace heat exchanger.

JF Maxwell offers a one(1) rear 100% labor warranty on all equipment installations as well a service repair parts.

Is it possible to buy the most expensive and efficient system in the world and never have it perform to its full capacity?

We have put into place several policies to ensure that never happens to our customers. Our technicians are required to completely fill out a residential engineering form.

Installation will not proceed until all information on the form is accurately filled out and approval is given by our installation expert, JF Maxwell. Mr. Maxwell is responsible for ordering all equipment/materials and discussing installation procedures with the installer. This eliminates errors and ensures that the installation process goes smoothly so that our customers get the full life expectancy out of there new HVAC equipment.

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