Air Duct Cleaning

Does JF Maxwell Offer Air Duct Cleaning?

JF Maxwell has cleaned over 2000 air duct systems in the Greater Atlanta area just in the past three years. We have the experience to detect mold, dander, leaking duct work as well as a remedy for all indoor air quality issues.

Are all Air Duct cleaning machines the same?

Over the past several decades, Rotobrush has been the choice by indoor air specialist around the world,

air-duct-cleaning so much that it has been now called the #1 residential air duct cleaning system.

The newer improvements in the system included extra vacuum power. Now, with 30% more vacuum power, the Rotobrush vent cleaning system will remove any dirt and particles that gets in its’ way. Other improvements include the ability to remove the pod, allowing access to spaces that were previously inaccessible. The lightweight design of the system allows for better flexibility and accessibility, allowing for just (1) technician to transport the Rotobrush aiR+® system from residence to residence independently.

I see mold around my indoor AC unit. Can JF Maxwell treat and kill it?

Our experience in other States regarding indoor environmental pest control allows us to have the experience to treat the mold as well as the cause of the growth that is present in your system.

I suspect that I have air leaks in my duct work. Can a JF Maxwell duct cleaning crew repair my leaks?

Yes, an EPA Three phase seal will put a 20 year air seal as well as include a mold remediation chemical that is present in all of our seals to fight against any future mold growth.

Call us today to have our crew offer you the highest-quality duct and dryer vent cleaning services with the Rotobrush aiR+® system.

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