Air Conditioning Service

Why call the JF Maxwell Company for Air Conditioning Service?

A Georgia summer just would not be tolerable without a dependable air conditioning system for your home or business! J.F. Maxwell Company Heating and Air is a trusted air conditioning contractor serving the greater Atlanta area with top-quality maintenance, repair and installation services.

Does JF Maxwell Service all brands of Air Conditioners?Fanfare: John Lewis reported a 453 per cent increase in sales of air-conditioning units last week

We service all American and Foreign Brands of Air Conditioners. We have the technicians to do the job right the first time. If needed, we provide modern air conditioner manufactured by TRANE with variable speed fan motors for high efficiency, and whisper quiet operation. You don’t have to turn up the TV anymore when the air conditioner kicks on. Plus, we install equipment according to factory specifications. It’s done right…every time.

How much is the typical air conditioning repair going to cost?

Nobody likes the word repair. Whether it has to do with your car, boat or computer, it typically means time and money right down the proverbial drain. When the problem affects your heating system, JF Maxwell helps remove the sting of a repair need by providing Flat Rate Pricing. You know going in what the repair is going to cost.  We fix the true problem, and protect your time and money

If a Repair does not make sense, does JF Maxwell give free In-Home Estimates for Air Conditioning Equipment?

Absolutely, a new air conditioning system must be designed with your home in mind. Indoor comfort systems are state-of-the-art and must be custom designed for each home and set of needs. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter install. We provide free in-home estimates on new systems so we can examine your current setup, listen to your comfort, budgetary and efficiency goals, and make the finest

J.F. Maxwell Co. is an Atlanta area heating and air conditioning company who is dedicated to making sure our customers have the finest HVAC solutions in their home. Whether you need a seasonal tune up, complicated repair or the installation of a new system.

Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee?

A lot of companies talk about customer satisfaction, or even include it in their company tagline. We live this promise every single day on each job we do. Our passion is to enhance the quality of our customers’ indoor comfort control by providing industry leading service and solutions. All of our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we really honor. In fact, our goal is much higher than just satisfaction — we want you to be thrilled with our service.

Can I count on JF Maxwell for my Air Conditioning needs?

You’d be surprised at how many homeowners have poor experiences with heating and air conditioning companies. Actually, calling them “poor” is sometimes too mild. An installation or replacement job done the wrong way can cost a lot of money to undo. When you rely on J.F. Maxwell for your maintenance, repair and installation needs, you can rest assured in knowing the work is being done to exceed industry guidelines. We care about your comfort, your home and your pocket book. Call 678-935-0505 and experience the JF Maxwell difference.



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