Questions For The Prospective HVAC Repairman

1. “Does you company have workers compensation insurance?” This is the insurance that protects YOU if a worker is hurt at your home.
2. “Is your work covered by a warranty on parts and labor? Is that a written warranty? Where can I find it?”
3. “Are you going to be doing the work or will other people be showing up to do the work?”4.  “Are your helpers real W-2 employees or 1099 subcontractors?”  If they are 1099 subcontractors, you will need to see their insurance, license, etc.5.  “Are you and your helpers drug free certified by the State of Georgia?” Substance abuse is a major issue in construction and leads to job-site injuries and theft.

6. “Have you and your helpers passed a nationwide background check?” Do you know who you are inviting into your home?

7. “What is the real address of your shop?” It is surprising how often this information is missing from business cards, quotes, websites, etc.

8.  “Are you a one man company? What happens to my warranty if you get hurt, move, or go broke?”

9.  “Where can I find recent online reviews of your work?”

10.  “How long have you been in business?” This is different than “years of experience” which could mean anything and often stretch a bit.

Did they pass the test? If not, give us a call! 678-935-0505

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