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Trane Air Conditioning Systems in Dallas TX

When it comes to quality, efficiency and reliability, nothing beats a Trane!


Why does JF Maxwell only recommend Trane Package Systems?

At JF Maxwell, we recommend only the highest quality ac systems and ac units to our customers, and Trane products deliver that quality every time.

Whether you are wanting to replace your existing air conditioning system, or want a high efficiency Trane systems installed in a new home or business, we can help.

When are Packaged Systems a great idea?

Most Atlanta homes have what is called a “split system” for their heating and air conditioning. They’re called split systems because an air conditioner or heat pump is located outside, and the other equipment, such as an air handler or furnace, is located inside the home.

Sometimes space constraints don’t allow for the indoor equipment. What’s the solution? A Trane packaged system can be a great solution. Packaged heating and air conditioning units contain all of the equipment into a single footprint install which is either mounted on a roof, or on a concrete slab in the yard.

You might be thinking, “why locate equipment inside to begin with if packaged systems exist?” Great question. Split systems are much more efficient than packaged systems. If you can go split, that’s always better, but reliable Trane packaged units are also a solid option.

We’re an experienced TRANE heating and air conditioning company who backs our solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customers love us because we put them first – it’s a company wide commitment and daily practice that affects everything we do.

Call us today for any Atlanta heating and air conditioning need! We offer the full line of Trane packaged systems. 678-935-0505

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