Air Cleaners

What is the best air filter for you?

That is easy…An electrostatic media air cleaner retains 98% of unwanted airborne particles.

What is an Electrostatic Air Cleaner?

Electrostatic filters attract pollutants. Instead of carbon, Electrostatic filters use electrostatic charges to clean the air. Electrostatic charges are created by pushing air through a maze of static prone fibers. As airborne particles move past the static prone fibers, they become attracted to the static charge and are captured within the filter. The particles remain on collector plates until they are hand washed or removed.



Will I ever have to buy another filter?

By using static electricity, you never have to worry about replacing the filters, as most electrostatic air cleaners use collection plates to capture pollutants and can be cleaned easily. However, the collection plates must be cleaned frequently to ensure effective air cleaning. Also, unlike HEPA filters, some electrostatic filters emit ozone, a dangerous lung irritant that can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, as well as other respiratory issues.

A home air conditioning and heating system has a filter that sits between the return air duct(s) and the furnace or air handler. These filters protect against large airborne particles, but that’s about it. An electronic air cleaner takes filtration to a whole new level by filtering out microscopic particles such as mold, allergens, bacteria, dander, smoke…and much more! This make for a very clean heating and air conditioning system, and also healthier indoor air.

Air cleaners are a part of our indoor air quality solutions. An efficient home is important to protect energy usage during a hot Atlanta summer. However, a tightly sealed home can also have very polluted indoor air. Call us to learn more about indoor air quality products – We’re an Atlanta air conditioning company who helps with not just the comfort, but the health of your home. Thanks for your interest in J F Maxwell Heating and Air.



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